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Punch zone

The punch zone on the glove is made out of ribbed rubber. The choice for ribbed rubber was made because it offers the best combination of control on the ball while punching and protection for the hand without adding any weight or extra materials. The punch zone is completely integrated in the the backhand, so you don’t have to worry about any lose pieces of rubber on your glove.

  • 6, 5 MM German Giga latex for great grip in both dry and wet conditions
  • Gun cut for more surface contact, more flexibility and no wasted latex
  • Thumb wrap for more grip and comfort
  • Ribbed Punchzone for better control and protection while punching
  • Double wrap wristband to get you the ultimate level of comfort every time you put on the gloves
  • Available in sizes 7 t/m 10
  • Only available in these colors (for now)

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