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The backhand of the glove

The backhand of the glove is made out of 3 things, these are: 3,5 millimeter “Dumbo” latex, a windstopper mesh and a punchzone.

Dumbo latex is a different kind of latex then the Giga latex that is used for the palm of the glove, it is more durable and offers more protection, but it has no grip on the football.

The part between the Dumbo latex and the wrist consists of a “windstopper mesh”, this is a material that is made to keep out cold air without restricting any mobility.

The last part of the glove is a punchzone, which is integrated in the glove ( for more on the punchzone, click on the corresponding picture).

  • 6, 5 MM German Giga latex for great grip in both dry and wet conditions
  • Gun cut for more surface contact, more flexibility and no wasted latex
  • Thumb wrap for more grip and comfort
  • Ribbed Punchzone for better control and protection while punching
  • Double wrap wristband to get you the ultimate level of comfort every time you put on the gloves
  • Available in sizes 7 t/m 10
  • Only available in these colors (for now)

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